Framing Futures

Framing Futures

$10,308 of $200,000 raised!

The recent rise in lumber costs impedes Habitat’s ability to build homes and keep them affordable for our future homeowners. In the past year, lumber costs for our Habitat homes have risen from an average of $8,700 to our latest homes’ costs totaling almost $20,000 per home.

That's a increase!

Keeping our Habitat homes affordable is a constant priority and an increase such as this is a disadvantage for both Habitat and our future homeowners. 

There are 3 homes left in our current project on Cedar Ave. and our next project, Alvina St., will consist of 7 homes. If costs keep increasing at the current rate,  lumber for these 10 homes could cost

$200,000 or more!


YOU can help keep our Habitat homes affordable!

By giving to our Framing Futures fundraiser, YOU are ensuring that Habitat can continue building



and HOPE.

Each home we build is a foundation upon which Habitat homeowners and their families can frame their future. They can confidently raise their families as they raise the roof.

Visualizing the Recent Explosion in Lumber Prices | Visual Capitalist – May 8, 2021

“Lumber is an important commodity used in construction, and refers to wood that has been processed into beams or planks. Fluctuations in its price, which is typically quoted in USD/1,000 board feet (bd ft), can significantly affect the housing industry and in turn, influence the broader U.S. economy. To understand the impact that lumber prices can have, we’ve visualized the number of homes that can be built with $50,000 worth of lumber, one year apart.

In just one year, the price of lumber has increased 377%—reaching a record high of $1,635 per 1,000 bd ft. For context, lumber has historically fluctuated between $200 to $400.”