Habitat began building in the Walla Walla County in the early 90s as Blue Mountain Partners, building at a rate of approximately one house every 18 months. In late 2014, Blue Mountain Partners dissolved as an affiliate and joined Tri-County Partners, effectively expanding resource capacities for Walla Walla. An Operations Committee, made up of Walla Walla community members, oversees the construction of Habitat homes in the county and provides family services for existing and future Habitat families.

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Remembering Dave Dunphy

Click here to help plant a tree for Dave Dunphy

Help us honor a humble man who gave the last days of his life serving others without expecting anything in return. 

Dave Dunphy began volunteering in Walla Walla at Habitat for Humanity despite battling health issues three years ago. During that time, he helped oversee the construction of two homes that two families in the Walla Walla Valley would not have if it wasn’t for him.
Dave was a practical, humble, and funny man who always raised the difficult questions during Habitat’s operation committee meetings. He would go the extra mile to help with the building process — all the way until the end of his life. 

The Walla Walla chapter of Tri-County Partners Habitat for Humanity will not be the same without Dave.

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Houses in Progress


Houses Completed

• Family: Jordan & Ai Breithaupt, and their 3 children
• Dedication: September 2019

Their Story
Jordan Breithaupt met his wife Ai when he moved to Japan in 2011. Today, Ai has a permanent visa for the United States and the couple lives in the Walla Walla, Washington area with their three children. Jordan teaches 5th and 6th grade at Liberty Christian school, and Ai works as a stay at home wife and mother. The Breithaupt family started applying for Habitat for Humanity housing last year when they discovered they were expecting their third child. They knew they needed to move out of their two bedroom apartment, but the idea of owning their own home seemed unlikely. “The fact that we’re going to be homeowners for the first time is just incredible,” said Jordan. “It feels like a miracle. We can do this. Without habitat that wouldn’t be possible.” The family loves the fact that they can be a part of the process and see their home take shape from the ground up. Jordan wants to recognize the work of Dave Dunphy, for being an important part of getting this project rolling. Dave passed away shortly after the Breithaupt family began working with Habitat, but the impact he left continues. To commemorate his life, friends in Walla Walla have started a GoFundMe page in order to raise enough funds to plant a memorial tree. If you are interested in supporting this please go to https://www.gofundme.com/f/plant-a-tree-for-dave-dunphy.

Watch the live video of their dedication below:

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